Enrico “Enri” Zavalloni (Cesena, November 24 1977) is an Italian artist, producer and composer. He was raised in Longiano (Italy) a small country village in Northern Italy. His first encounter with music is at 5; when he approached drums and electric keyboards. At age 9 he started attending the Bruno Maderna conservatory in Cesena (Italy), where he studied piano, musical composition and conducting.

He started working and producing some radio jingles for local radios as, for instance, Radio Melody. He played drums and keyboards in local bands and in 1993 he founded Spyart and Miss Hammond, two soul funk bands based on Hammond sound, performing in various clubs.

In 1995 he went touring the Roman amphitheatres, including the Anfiteatro Grande di Pompei, together with the great stage actor Mario Scaccia, playing piano and keyboards on the show Rock Aulularia.

For need and curiosity in the 90s he performed various dance oriented productions, such as the chart hit Sunshine and Happiness by Nerio’s Dubwork for Warner Chappell (1999).

In 1998, together with 3 musicians, founded Vip200, an instrumental quartet (guitar, bass, organ and drums) based on the philological research of the beat and psychedelic sound of the 60s of the great Italian composers such as Piero Umiliani, Ennio Morricone, Armando Trovajoli, Piero Piccioni, etc. Enri was at the helm of one of the most important band of the international cocktail lounge music scene. The band played live in Italy, Switzerland, Russia, Germany and Austria and collaborated with Pizzicato Five and Maki Nomiya (Japan) besides with the German soundtrack composer Peter Thomas (Germany) and dj producer Maxwell Implosion (Germany). In 1999 Enri opened Atomic Studio, a modern recording and musical production studio, complete with digital and vintage analogue technology. The studio has almost 150 Italian band albums on its name: Dondi, The Hormonauts, Silvia’s Magic Hands, The Lu Silver String Band, Giulia Regain, Dang Dang, Gilvian, Small Jackets, Jumboreel, Redska, Pater Nembrot, Alessio Lega, Last Killers, and others.

In the meanwhile he collaborated with the American composer Daniele Luppi, creator of the album Rome, featuring Jack White, Danger Mouse, Norah Jones. Together they worked on the production of soundtracks and background music for tv shows.

In 2005 he released his first solo album: Music Performed out for Record Kicks (Italy). This simple title sums up the concept of “performer”. The album is acclaimed by the Italian and International critics, especially by RadioUno (Italy) and DustyGroove Chicago (USA).

In 2007 he started his collaboration with Mike Patton (Faith No More, Mr. Bungle) and Mondo Cane; Italian songs from the golden age of the 50s and 60s Italian pop music. Enri still plays the piano, the organs and the synthesizers for Mondo Cane today. This project led him playing on world tours and to the stages of Australia, Sweden, Argentina, Brasil, The Netherlands, Israel, Russia, United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal, Chile, Poland and Finland.

In 2007 he released in the UK the 45 rpm vinyl of The Performer, a super funk track with brass section. The song went round the world and at present is played by many international bands. He then released Via da Los Angeles, a song created for the soundtrack of One night with you by Joe D’Agustine for the Californian Kite Hill Pictures.

At the beginning of 2008 Enri signed an agreement with Negroni for the spot of the homonymous alcoholic beverage. The brand commissioned him two tracks: Splinterman (Negroni Theme) and Walk On. The result was two songs full of funk energy and an Italian lounge touch.

In 2008 he released his live DVD video Enri live at Teatro Petrella, a live recording of an emotional and energetic theatre quartet concert: keyboards, drums, sax and trumpet.

In 2009 Enri released Good to Your Earhole, a compilation of tracks created on commission. Some of them are Notte D’addio (for the movie La Banda del Brasiliano) and Farlight (for Universal Studios Tv Show).

In 2010 Mondo Cane by Mike Patton was released by Ipecac Records (USA). Enri played, as usual in this project, piano, organs and synthesizers.

In 2011 he released his fourth album Nine Melodies From My Forest on Atomic Studio Records (Italy). The album is based on sounds and emotions through the suggestions of the forest which represents a metaphor of life path. Memorable were the concerts performed live in theatre with a 12 elements orchestra.

Enri is a collector and expert of vintage keyboards analogue synthesizers. Thanks to his knowledge and passion in 2013 he released a new electronic album: Italo con Organo. The project sees him as protagonist of an original live set, with the aid of technologies integrated to his improvisations and melodies. With this new setup he performs in various Italian clubs and festival.

In 2013 Enri achieved one of his lifetime goals: sharing the stage of Estadio Bicentenario in Santiago de Cile with Ennio Morricone and the Mondo Cane band.

In 2016 another long-cherished dream took shape: the release of an album/soundtrack inspired by an hypothetical science fiction movie, relying on electronic, melodic and psychedelic suggestions: Universi Paralleli.

In 2018 his increasing international response brings one of his songs to be chosen for the American tv series Scorpion on CBS (USA). Moreover Tumi, the important Japanese suitcases and bags manufacturer, chooses one of his songs for its spot featuring Daniel Henney and the 2018 promotional campaign.




24 Novembre 2013

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