Enrico "Enri" Zavalloni (Cesena, November 24, 1977) is an   

italian musician and composer. The main instruments that he play it’s: piano, Hammond organ, keyboards. Moreover he play: guitars, electric bass, drums and he sing.



He was borns in Longiano, a village in the Romagna's hills. When he was a child he loved playing musical instruments like the drums and the piano.

when he was 9 years old started studying piano and at 13 he entered at the Conservatory "B. Maderna" in Cesena, he studied piano and composition.



His great passion for musical instruments and technology let him produce radio jingles for local radios, establish various bands, write songs, and thanks to his experience he grew as a  producer.

At 16 he discovered the wonderful charm of the organ Hammond

and founded the Spyart, this is his first formation full of soul - funk. At 18, he worked with the Italian actor Mario Scaccia in the theatre as a pianist / keyboardist and he followed him on his tour in all the italian amphitheaters, like the majestic Great Amphitheatre of Pompei.


Meanwhile, he enrolled at composition and conducting in the conservatory and he developed a passion for the soundtrack as a stimulus for experimentation and research. Together with 3 other musicians Vip200 group was born (1998-2002). Leading the Vip200 group, when the cocktail lounge music scene tricolor was the school in the world, he played live in Italy and abroad. Then he worked with international artists such as Pizzicato Five and Maki Nomiya (Jap), Peter Thomas, the popular German composer of American Westerns of the '50s, Daniel Luppi (Usa), Maxwell Implosion (Ger) etc…

In 2001 he opened the Atomic Studio, a modern recording studio and music production full of analogical and digital vintage technology.


In May 2005 the label Record Kicks launched his first solo album titled "Music Performed", a simple title that summarizes the concept of "performer" a definition that best describes this versatile musician able to sing and play various instruments: from 'Hammond to guitar, synthesizer, drums, as there are different influences and genres that he has explored in this work.



Appreciated by the critics the record was distributed almost all over the world, then he started a collaboration with the musician / singer Mike Patton (Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Fantomas) on "Mondo Cane" project arrangements and interpretations of Italian songs of the golden age of 50s and 60s for voice, group, small chorus and orchestra. An ambitious project that will take him on tour to several Italian opera houses and festivals such as "Ilosaarirock" in Finland with an audience of 20,000 people, Sweden, Amsterdam, Israel, Russia, UK, Portugal ...

In July 2007 he wrote a song for the soundtrack of the movie "One Night With You" by Joe D'Agustine for California Kite Hill Pictures. "Leaving Los Angeles" is the name of the song produced and arranged by Enri in which he plays all the instruments in direct registering with the system entirely analogical.


In the early 2008 he signed an agreement with "Negroni" Italian alcoholic drink, a perfect blend of style, choosing music as promotional bottle "Splinterman (Negroni Theme)".

In the same year 2008 he released his live DVD "Enri, live at Teatro Petrella" video and audio recording of a concert in the theater exciting and energetic. In 2009 Enri public "Good to Your Earhole" is a collection of 5 songs from soundtracks and advertising work for the last 2 years, an EP with music for "Negroni", "One Night With You" movie, "La Banda of the Brazilian "film, and a song taken from the archive editions of music made for Universal Studios for the TV series.


In 2010, appearing for the American label Ipecac Records, the disc of the "Mondo Cane" Mike Patton, where Enri plays Hammond organ, Clavinet, piano, Farfisa and Moog. A year later in 2011 released the third album "Nine Melodies From My Forest" a search of sounds and emotions through a forest path in the metaphor of life. Orchestral arrangements and sound new suggesioni than previous work.

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